High Flying
High Flying

JASMINE – High Flying

Artist: JASMINE Single: High Flying Release Date: 05.25.2013 After nearly an entire year without coming out with a single release, JASMINE comes back with a short but fantastic single to make up for the time she’s been away (and with another single set for a July release, it seems like we’ll be getting plenty more JASMINE … Continue reading


安良城紅 – GEM

Artist: 安良城紅 (Beni Arashiro) Album: GEM Release Date: 04.25.2007 I’ve always been very hesitant to dig into some of BENI‘s older material as an avex artist because we all know what avex can do to artists with little support from the label: the music comes out sounding cheap, uninspired and straight off a generic template. … Continue reading


BENI – さつきあめ

Artist: BENI Single: さつきあめ Release Date: 04.24.2013 I think this single was the release I was anticipating the most for 2013! We all know BENI went on a cover album raid in 2012 and became highly successful for it (hell, COVERS 2 and COVERS are 3rd and 4th on the iTunes Albums Charts today and it’s been over a year … Continue reading

Romantic Spring

가인 & 조형우 – Romantic Spring

Artist: 가인 & 조형우 (Ga-In & Hyungwoo) Mini-Album: Romantic Spring Release Date: 04.08.2013 When information about a new mini-album by Ga-In had come out only 5-6 months after the perfection that was Talk About S., I was beyond ecstatic! The concept this time was a lot softer and sweeter, being a duet mini-album with a secret … Continue reading

BENI [Satsuki Ame]

The Evolution of BENI

Back in her avex days, BENI had released an album titled Girl 2 Lady, whose concept served as a milestone of sorts, meant to showcase a new, womanly and mature BENI (Beni Arashiro at the time), but I think her true transformation from girl to lady has peaked between the end of the year 2012 and the beginning of … Continue reading

Pink Spider

Dissecting Koda Kumi’s “ピンク スパイダー” Controversy

Before writing my review on Koda Kumi‘s latest cover album, Color the Cover, I had no idea how bad the ピンク スパイダー controversy really was until one of my dearest plastic lovers, Jasmine, pointed it out to me on the comments section of the post, where we discussed the topic a little bit as well. After that, I … Continue reading

Color the Cover

倖田來未 – Color the Cover

Artist: 倖田來未 (Koda Kumi Album: Color the Cover Release Date: 02.27.2013 It seems like Plastic Candy is becoming somewhat of a Mika Ninagawa haven of sorts, for yet again she’s being featured here, this time as the photographer behind Koda Kumi‘s Color the Cover jacket shoot and the director for one of the music videos from the … Continue reading

Gone Not Around Any Longer

씨스타19 – 있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer)

Artist: 씨스타19 (SISTAR19) Mini-Album: 씨스타19 – 있다 없으니까 (Gone Not Around Any Longer) Release Date: 01.30.2013 When it comes to K-Pop, it’s very hard to find a group that is constantly growing and evolving in terms of its music and style, but ever since SISTAR debuted back in 2010, that’s exactly what they’ve been doing! Initially, they were … Continue reading


さくらん [Vol. 1]

Title: さくらん (Sakuran) Author: 安野モヨコ (Moyoko Anno) Original run: 2001 – 2003 (American Edition) On my last post, a brief introduction to the works of Japanese photographer/director Mika Ninagawa, I mentioned that I was waiting for some orders that contained some Ninagawa-related material for me to really dive deep into her world of color and female empowerment, and … Continue reading

Mika Ninagawa

Harajuku Poupées: Mika Ninagawa

I wish my life was a Mika Ninagawa-directed production. In her highly saturated, colorful world of fish-flower fantasies, Ninagawa has really caught my eye for the consistency of her work. We often times see photographers and art directors who work with a range of different elements that never fail in quality, but lack a certain … Continue reading


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